Are Virtual Property Expos Worth It?

Are Virtual Property Expos Worth It?

The widespread panic that the pandemic had initially generated made way for virtual conference
plateforms.The public was skeptical of stepping out of their homes, leaving
alone attending large-scale conferences. 
To keep up with the changing times, companies and businesses had to look for new
avenues of branding and marketing. Thus began the demand for virtual events like virtual
property expos, concerts, webinars, and others. Now, even though many relaxations exist,
corporations still prefer these platforms because of their far-reaching benefits and long-term
Real estate is the new industry that seems to have been bitten by the virtual event platform
bug. Several leading syndicates now prefer the online route to reach out to their customers
(even the high net worth individuals!). And that’s something. 
This brings up a question: Are these property expos worth it? 
Our answer to that is: definitely! Especially when you are deploying the best event platform
in India. 
Simply put, virtual expos offer a ton of benefits, the biggest being better reach and reduced
costs. But they can offer much more if you know how to leverage them. 
So, let’s take a look at some real advantages of virtual property expos in India and why they
are worth it. 

  • They get you the reach. 

Unlike physical expos, which take place under one roof and can attract only local and a
small proportion of out-of-towners, virtual property expos can reach whoever you like.
Whether a property manager in Dubai or a start-up looking for office space in the Silicon
Valley, your virtual conference platform can take your offering to them. All they need is a
smartphone, laptop, or tablet with reliable Internet connectivity. 
How does this help you? A broader reach means more eyeballs for your brand and better
brand recall and recognition. Ultimately, you get a larger pool of potential clients to work
with. So, you have more business.

  • They can enhance your brand image. 
    Virtual expos can be made longer and customized to meet your requirements as a business.
    If you’re looking to build a strong brand identity, then you can have a powerful branding
    campaign and make it last a few days. You cannot do that through a physical property expo
    because it typically lasts a day or two. 
    Brand identity is the beginning of building solid brand recognition, and it will first start with
    brand awareness which can then gain that recognition. Once you have the recognition, you
    can back your customers to become brand ambassadors, and they can then do your work of
    spreading your brand’s message and getting you more business. Platforms like Virtex offer
    services that go above and beyond your regular property expo. 
    Not just that, brand recognition can also earn you repeated business and a long-term
  • They can be used to get valuable feedback.
    Gathering feedback becomes very simple if you have the right platform. You don’t have to
    distribute feedback forms or point people to a laptop or a device to enter feedback. 
    A big bonus is that you don’t have to spam attendees through SMSes, asking them to submit
    their feedback on a link. 
    You can organize feedback sessions or use AI-powered analytics to get necessary data on
    what your attendees enjoy and what they are not. In fact, you can use this information to
    build an experience for your attendees. All of this can be done using an excellent virtual
    experience platform. 
    Feedback is good but obtaining valuable feedback is even better because that will help you
    understand the ideology of your target audience and shape your campaign in the future. 
    It can also help you build a community of engaged customers who feel like their opinions
    also matter. This, in turn, improves loyalty to your brand. And loyal customers always get
    you more business. 
  • They are economical

By far, this is the biggest advantage of virtual property expos. Imagine the money you can
save by not having to plan travel, venue costs, catering, and other logistics. You also can
save a sizable amount on printing costs. 
In fact, you can have a tailor-made branding plan if you host a virtual event. Utilizing one of
the best event platforms in India can make this a reality. 
Another advantage is ‘economies of scale’ that is, low costs and high attendance for your
event. So, that means you can improve your RoI too. More views for your event only means
a larger pool of leads and increased revenue. 

  • They make you create better marketing content. 
    When you organize a physical expo, there is only so much you can do with your stall, and
    the audience is distracted. 
    Things are slightly different in the world of virtual events. You have the option of
    customizing your message, creating an information booth that can serve as the base of
    exciting content. 
    You can host videos, interactive games, chat sessions with experts, have a quiz- use
    different means to engage your attendees and encourage them to ask for more details. A
    better-informed lead is a highly qualified lead and more likely to convert in the long run. 
    Moreover, you can do this with every attendee, so that increases your chances of conversion
    and reduces the cost per lead. 
    If someone had said that virtual events in India would be the way forward, we would have
    laughed it off. Part of the reason why events were so exciting was the opportunity to meet
    new people, push our brand’s message across, and expand our pool of customers.  
    But post-pandemic, the world has learned to embrace a different way of conducting
    business, entertainment or even seminars in India. By going virtual. 
    That’s why virtual property expos are worth it. 
    Whether you like it or not, the future is virtual. And while things may seem normal, in the new
    post-pandemic world, virtual modes are going to serve as a practical source to add to your
    sales pipeline. As you have seen, they are accessible, cost-effective, and extremely useful to
    build a global, loyal, and informed customer base.

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