A nameless error code could be an annoying error and getting an error in PS4 for game lovers is simply not done. The nameless errors occur because the device might not have a lot of information about the error. It could usually appear when you are booting your PS4 or simply signing in from a PSN profile. It can also show up when you change your account settings but the good part is that it doesn’t often show up during the gameplay.

Even if the error looks a bit vague like ps4 cannot access system storage, we have got you some of the best methods to diffuse it away. You can start with tweaking your PSN account as well as unplug the power cable or changing the DSN settings. Let us help you with solutions when an error has occurred in PS4 so that you can go back and start playing your favorite game once again.

Methods To Remove “An Error Has Occurred”

  1. Update Your PSN Account Information

PlayStation Network (PSN) account is known for storing and syncing all the personal details when you shop online and download games or other entertainment items. This error could also be present because you started playing the games on a newly bought PS4 without verifying the account. To overcome the issues, verify your account so that the issue could be resolved. Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open your email inbox on computer or phone, sign in with the same email address as used to set up a PSN account.

Step 2: Locate the email by PlayStation with easy keywords like Playstation or Sony.

Step 3: This email has a request for confirmation with the email address so you just need to click the link and it is mostly that the error message will not appear again.

Method 2: Make A New PSN Account Using New Email Address

Sometimes users are not able to verify their account and it can create issues in fixing any errors. Although we have told you to verify your account right after buying the new console, if not sorted then make a new PSN account. In case the progress was already done, you may lose it but this may be required to remove the error ‘An error has occurred’.

Follow the steps to make a new account.

Step 1: Start your PS4 and go to the ‘New User’ section. Now click on ‘Create a user’ or ‘User 1’ on the screen. This step will create a local user account but not a new PSN account.

Step 2: Locate ‘New to PlayStation network? Create an account’ and choose ‘Next’.

Step 3: Click ‘Sign up Now’.

Step 4: Press the ‘Skip’ button to play the game offline.

Step 5: Now go to profile of User 1 if the playstation is being used for the first time. Here, enter all the details carefully and press Next.

Step 6: Enter all the other preferences after personal information and personalize your account services.

Step 7: Accept that you are above 18 and make sure that you enter the same address as the card’s billing address.

Step 8: Now you will get an email for verification. If you haven’t received it, check the spam folder too. Open the link to create a new online ID.

And you are done!

Method 3: Change DNS Settings

DNS is like a phonebook on the internet and you can access all the information through different domain names. Changing and tweaking your internet connection can help you remove the Playstation error.

For this, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Press Windows + X key at the same time and click on Settings.

Step 2: Go to Network & Internet and click it open.

Step 3: From the left panel, click WiFi or Ethernet. Now on the right hand side, click Network connection.

Step 4: Go to IP settings and click the Edit button. In the next menu, choose ‘Manual’ to switch to a different DNS server.

Step 5: Toggle on the switch of IPv4. In the next window, type the IP address of the preferred DNS server and the alternate DNS server.

Step 6: Click Save and close the settings window.

Wrap Up

In case the above methods don’t work for you, try disconnecting the power cord after signing out. Keep the console the same way for 15 minutes and reconnect very gently once again. We hope that you could find out the solutions on how to fix PlayStation ‘An error has occurred’ through the blog here. Which of the above methods has helped you the most or you wish to suggest more methods; comment in the comments section below. We are hopeful that the blog has helped you certainly.

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