Smartphones can be used for many purposes. Mobile apps make our lives so much easier. Digitizing documents is one of the more uncommon uses. It is very useful for scanning documents into PDF, scanning receipts for taxes and scanning filled-out forms for email. The majority of scanners available in the App Store and PlayStore should be able to handle most uses.

Scanning documents used to be a pain. But thanks to the iOS or Android scanners, it is now much easier.Let’s take a look at the 3 best PDF scanner apps that you can download from both PlayStore and AppStore.

  1. QuickScan App: A new and powerful PDF scanner app
  2. CamScanner App is a globally popular PDF scanner app
  3. Adobe Scanner App is an easy-to-use PDF scanner app

Let’s now introduce the best iOS and Android PDF scanner app. It includes QuickScan so that you can easily scan documents into PDF files.

QuickScan PDF Scanner App

QuickScan for iOS is the best PDF scanner for iOS 14/13/12/11/10/9/8/7. This tool has many benefits that allow you to manage your PDF files. It allows you to scan receipts, business cards, and notes and convert them into PDFs. You can also store and share PDFs through cloud services. QuickScan for Android is available from the PlayStore and AppStore.

QuickScan transforms your smartphone into a portable scanner that automatically recognizes text (OCR). It will help you be more productive in both your work and your personal life. This scanner app is free and can scan, save, share, and print any document in PDF or JPG formats. This small but powerful scanner app is essential for students, accountants, managers, lawyers, and others involved in small businesses. You can scan anything you need, such as receipts, contracts and paper notes. Your scans can be saved as PDF or JPG files.

QuickScan App is a simple and powerful tool to scan documents. This PDF scanner App scans PDFs at high speeds and is password-protected. This scanner app scans your files faster and without any hassle.

QuickScan, one of the new apps on the market, is gaining popularity for its powerful features and simplicity of use.


CamScanner is one of the most widely used PDF scanner Apps worldwide. CamScanner is the best Android and iOS PDF scanner. It can scan PDFs, receipts and notes on whiteboards. It can enhance scans and extract text from images. You can also search for documents in the past using its search feature. It supports many cloud storage services, including Evernote, Box, Evernote and Google Drive.

The app scans paper documents like receipts, invoices, and notes into PDF format. The app has auto enhancing and smart cropping features that ensure high quality PDFs.

Click on the camera icon at the bottom to take a picture. Clicking the gear icon when you take a picture will allow you to select options such as grid, flash and sound, sound, spirit level or image orientation. You can choose between single or multiple pages. The app detects the border of the document after you take a picture. You can also rotate the photo to the right or left. 

Adobe Scanner App

We will also be discussing the Adobe Scanner App, which is one the most popular and basic PDF scanner apps on the market. You can scan receipts and documents like all other apps. You can also use the colour presets to make it easier to read if necessary. Scanned documents can be accessed on any device. If you wish, you can either email them or back them up to the cloud. Another useful feature is document conversion to PDF. Although the feature list is short, it contains all the essential stuff.Adobe’s design is beautiful and simple.

Adobe Scan’s layout can be described as easy as it gets.Once you open the app, the camera mode is ready to scan the document automatically without any clicks. This allows you to quickly capture any document that is in front of your eyes. You’ll find separate modes for whiteboards and forms, documents, business cards, and forms. You can toggle auto-capture and choose from several flash options. Additionally, you can import images or documents that are already stored on your device for OCR.


With high-resolution cameras, Android and Apple smartphones and tablets are able to scan and convert any paper documents to PDF quickly. Sometimes you don’t have a dedicated scanner and need to convert a paper document quickly to PDF. What should you do? This PDF scanner is available for Android and iOS applications free of charge. It has different features to meet users’ ‘demands.

These document scanners are however superior to all others. You don’t have to wait! Get the best PDF scanner software for document scanning and sharing now!

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